The first image of our belated holiday gift from our holiday gift.


This was a draft from 2011/01/06.  Couldn’t gush on about the camera til it was road tested.  After a year of testing, its proved to be good in certain situations and bad in others.   Recently, it gave us the blinking amber light of doom.  More to come on that.



We were at the beginning of the parade, and were able to get this footage.  What a mad house, mayhem, insane is  just the beginning.

RockNRoller Multicart

When it comes to moving a variety of heavy objects.  The RockNRoller Multicart is the tool for the job.   On this day, an elliptical exerciser needed moving and the RockNRoller Multicart was converted to a straight dolly to get the machine on the street.   One person can move the machine once its on the cart.

Milwaukee Rocks by Sassdabrat

One of our favorite bands, The Uniphonics will be opening up for San Francisco favorite Primus (newly reformed with returning drummer Jay Lane) at the Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee Saturday August 7th.

If you are in town, this is a must see show for those who like energizing music and excellent musicianship.  You will get a taste of hip-hop, funk, jazz, metal-rock genres that blend together better than a Photoshop layer in CS5.    If you’ve seen Primus this year, re-live the music with the bands “From the Road” link.   You will see handwritten set lists from Primus Bassist and Frontman Les Claypool.  That’s cool man, thanks for sharing.


Right now get a FREE Primus music at  On the downloadable EP, you will get four songs from a June 2010 Rehearsal.  Some or all of these songs have been performed live in Toronto, New York, Nashville and coming soon Milwaukee.

1. Pudding Time
2. American Life
3. Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread
4. Harold Of The Rocks

Get to this show people!  You will be the one sucking, not Primus, if you miss this show.

(Note: Just to clarify for those who don’t know, please click “sucking” or Google it to understand we used that word.)

To describe the work of Marco Brambilla and the upcoming video to “Power” by Kayne West as “Artsy” borders on insulting.   Brambilla’s video installation pieces are truly the next artistic expression of the classic Renaissance artists.   There are so many mainstream video  pieces that can be traced to Brambilla’s type of work, but what really sticks out is the oracle sequence in the motion picture “300” directed by Zack Snyder .    That scene left us wanting more stylized imagery on the big screen.  So when we saw this sneak preview, it truly excited us.

This is part of what we do and how we do it.

Rock-n-Roller Cart

Hard at work in tough conditions.

If you schlep gear like we do, you need the tools to make your life easier.  So far, the RocknRoller cart has been worth its weight in gold and the gold bars you could pile on top of it.  On this day we were in Bear Valley, California for Reggae on the Mountain.  It was a mild day, the sun melted the snow and puddles started to form in the stage area.   After using this one cart to load in 95% of the instruments and sound system, it was a speaker stand for the rest of the day until load out.

A note for those who haul serious gear, we quickly upgraded from the base Max R10 model to the All-Terrain R12 model, from the picture above you can see why.  Our next door neighbor even has the R10 cart with the standard front swivel casters to move sporting equipment and laundry around.   We are even adding a RocknRoller to our links.  Coming soon, the RocknRoller shelf kit.  Find more reviews at

RocknRoller Haul FOH FOH on RocknRoller